Parish Registers

Most entries have been transcribed from microfiche and thus please don't expect them to be 100% perfect. If you think an ancestor lived in one of these areas it is still worth you re-checking the originals. Last updated 08/06/2009 - I am moving in the near future and thus these entries may soon disappear - please copy what you want now! God bless PM

Bicknoller Baptisms 1649-1669

Bicknoller Baptisms 1723-1735

Bicknoller Churchwardens Accounts extracts

Bicknoller Apprentices extracts

Bicknoller Overseers Acs extracts

Bicknoller Settlements extracts

Bridgwater Baptisms 1661-1714 (a few missing in 1714) +index

Bridgwater Marriages 1661-1700 +index-1714

Bridgwater Burials 1661-1714 +index

Bridgwater Burials 1745-1799

Bridgwater Baptisms 1720-1729

Bridgwater Baptisms 1730-1743

Bridgwater Baptisms 1745-1799

Broomfield Baptisms 1701-1800 +index

Broomfield Baptisms 1801-1845

Cannington Baptisms 1714-1770 +index

Cannington Marriages 1713-1754 +index

Chilton Trinity Baptisms 1733-1746

Chilton Trinity Marriages 1733-1746

Chilton Trinity Burials 1732-1746

Durleigh Baptisms 1737-1880

Durleigh Burials 1760-1870

Durston Baptisms 1712-1812

Enmore Baptisms 1653-1886 +index

Enmore Marriages 1653-1703

Enmore Burials 1653-1812 +index

Enmore Overseers Acs extracts

Goathurst Baptisms 1749-1812

Goathurst Baptisms 1813-1870 +index

Nether Stowey Baptisms 1671-1700

Nether Stowey Marriages 1671-1700

Nether Stowey Burials 1671-1700

Sampford Brett Baptisms 1691-1737

Sampford Brett Marriages 1692-1737

Sampford Brett Burials 1654-1676 +index (poor transcript)

Sampford Brett Burials 1692-1737

St Michael Church Baptisms 1695-1802

Stogumber Baptisms 1658-1682 +index (poor transcript)

Stogumber Marriages 1658-1712 +index

Stogumber Burials 1658-1685 +index

Taunton M Mag Baptisms 1685-1695 +index

Taunton M Mag Baptisms 1708-1717

Taunton M Mag Baptisms 1718-1727

Taunton M Mag Baptisms 1728-1734

Taunton M Mag Baptisms 1735-1750

Taunton M Mag Baptisms 1751-1767

Taunton St James 1696-1718 +index