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Newspaper Clippings
Sherborne 1737
Sherborne and Taunton 1835
South Wales Soldiers
Bridgwater Soldiers 
Funeral Cards 
1. A Thorne 2. F J Lambert
3. J H Stephens 4. L A Rood
5. M Mansfield 6. M Thorne
Old Documents and Books
Wembdon Land Sale ....Page 2
Wellington History p176 ....p 177 A Humphreys 1889 
Bridgwater in the Later Days - Dr Powell 
Somerset Arch and Nat Hist Society 
Bridgwater Insurrection of 1381 
Burgess of Bridgwater 13C 
Persons captured at the siege of Bridgwater 
Commonality of Bridgwater 
Bridgwater Wills 1310-1497 
Bridgwater Market House Act 1779 
West Country Clockmakers 
Court Rolls Curry Rivel 1348-9