Inquests from the Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury

Saturday se'nnight the body of a seafaring man, with 
several marks of violence on his head was taken out of 
the river at Twerton; in his pockets were upwards of 30 
lbs weight of stones supposed to have been placed there 
in order to sink the body. Mr Layng, one of the coroners 
for Somersetshire having sat on the body the jury returned 
their verdict - wilful murder by some person or persons 

Friday, a lad whose name is George Reed, was run over by a 
cart in Milborne Port and killed.

Bristol. Friday night about seven o'clock a son of Mr 
Meredith at the earthenware house on the Quay fell off 
the quay wall into the river. He was taken out in about 
a quarter of an hour when every means was tried to restore 
life but unfortunately without success.

Saturday se'nnight, in the evening, Miss Uhthoff of River St 
Bath, sister to the Rev Mr Uhthoff, coming in cold from a walk 
and stirring the fire, it unfortunately caught her cloaths and 
burnt her so dreadfully, that she died the next morning in great 
agonies, notwithstanding every medical application. She was a 
young lady of very amiable manners and is most sincerely 

Wife of ships carpenter in Bristol gave her infant child oil 
of vitriol instead of Dalby's Carminative in consequence of 
mistaking one bottle for another. The poor child died in great 
agonies and the mother was so affected that her recovery is 

On Thursday last as a carter of Mr Blackar of Radstock Somerset 
was adjusting the harness of a young horse at the brick kiln 
near Frome he received a violent kick as to deprive him of life.
A few days since, a woman of Yeovil by the name of Gray, fell 
into a fire and was so much burnt that she died. She had been 
subject to fits.
A few days since died at Wellington, Charles Loney, one of the 
sheriffs officers for the county of Somerset; his death was 
occasioned by a fall from a horse as he was riding to summon 
witnesses 4 days before the last assizes at Wells; he survived 
the fall 3 days in the most agonising tortures but speechless.

On Monday morning as a lad of Mells in the County of Someset 
was endeavouring to get up at the tail of a cart laden with 
edge tools, which happened not to be pinned down before, the 
cart tilted, and the whole load fell on him and killed him 
on the spot.
Wednesday last Alexander Pearce for setting his master's 
house on fire at Yeovil, and John Taylor for robbing Mary 
Marsh of 50s were executed at Ilchester. Both denied the 
offences for which they suffered.   

Thursday se'nnight Mr John Lloyd treasurer of the Bath and 
Bristol theatre, walking the streets of Bristol in apparent 
good health and spirits was suddenly taken ill and died within 
two hours afterwards.
Monday evening last as Mr Thomas Martin who keeps the Three 
Choughs Inn in Yeovil was returning home from this town, one 
of his stirrups broke on Babylon Hill in consequence of which 
he was thrown from his horse and killed on the spot. The next 
day the coroners inquest sat on his body and brought in their 
verdict - accidental death.

A few days since an inquest was taken on the body of a child 
about eight years of age, in the parish of Huish Champflower 
Somerset who was found drowned in a pit of water, it is 
supposed she left the house in search of blackberries - 
verdict accidental death.
A few days since a poor woman was leazing in the fields 
near Glastonbury. She was suddenly taken ill and found 
dead soon after. 
A few days ago a little boy about five years of age, son 
of Mr Cary of Allhampton in the County of Somerset was 
amusing himself by attempting to fish in a mill pond in 
that parish. He unfortunately fell in and was drowned.	    

Saturday se'nnight as one Spurrel, servant of Mr Richards 
of Milverton, (who had been after coal at Watchet the same 
day) was returning home from a smith's shop, where he had 
been to have the horses shoed, that which he rode unfortunately 
fell down upon him; the poor animal endeavouring to rise fell 
again on his rider, and crushed him in so dreadful a manner, 
that he survived but a few hours. The best assistance was 
procured but in vain. 

On Tuesday last as one Thomas Cordwent, a young man about 
twenty, of Hemyock, Devon, was on a visit to a relation at 
Bishop's Lydeard, he, with two other young men (for a trifling 
wager), tried who could ride fastest. Mr Cordwent's horse meeting 
some pigs, fell over one of them, which bruised his rider in 
so terrible a manner, that he languished till eleven that evening, 
in great agonies, and then expired - he was the only son of Mr 
John Cordwent of Hemyock aforesaid.  

R Hudd a labourer of Twerton was killed by the falling in 
of a quarry of stone on Friday se'nnight, near the Fire 
Engine on the Bristol Road. He has left a wife far advanced 
in pregnancy and five small children; to whose relief the 
smallest charitable donations would operate as a cordial in 
the hour of deep affliction.

On Friday se'nnight as James Knight, a shipwright was going 
from his work at Limekiln Dock Bristol he was so violently 
kicked by a stone-horse which was standing in the road, as 
to drive him against an adjacent wall and the horse continues 
kicking in so true a direction that had he not been seized by 
the head by a haulier and  taken away, he must have been 
killed on the spot. Knight was taken to an adjoining public 
house and attended by several gentlemen of faculty, who 
recommended him to be taken to the infirmary where he died on 
Saturday evening in great agony. He has left a wife and three 
children to bemoan his loss.

The rivers were so much swollen on Thursday se'nnight that a 
boy, who was driving a waggon through a stream between 
Ilminster and Broadway, was drowned and likewise three of 
the horses. Several people were in the waggon who fortunately 

On the day of electing a coroner for the Western Division of 
Somerset at Ilchester a spirited opposition was unexpectedly 
made in favour of the late coroner; but, on Mr Ball's arrival 
with a number of respectable gentlemen freeholders, the contest 
was given up and Mr Ball was accordingly elected.

Saturday se'nnight, an inquest was taken by Mr Ball, one of 
the coroners of Somerset on the body of Mr G Prowse, a 
gentleman of property of Pitminster, who cut his own throat 
in a fit of melancholy. The jury brought in a verdict of lunacy. 
The next day, another inquest was taken by the same coroner in 
the parish of Elworthy, on the body of Farmer George Upham, who 
had the day before been assisting in cutting down some brand 
trees on a leasehold estate which he held only for his own life, 
one of which fell on him and crushed him so much that he died soon 
after. The jury's verdict was accidental death.   
Saturday se'nnight, one Gordon, who had lived in a gentleman's 
service, drowned himself in the river near Bath. He is supposed 
to have committed this rash action in consequence of having lost 
money in the lottery by insuring tickets, to which he is known to 
have been addicted.
Wednesday, William Davies of West Camel labourer was found dead in 
bed. The evening before he went to bed apparently well. A few days 
before he died he paid a small bill for bread and then declared he 
had not sixpence in the world; but above 50 guineas have since been 
found in his pocket and box.

We hear that Mr Ball of Williton near Watchet, coroner for the 
Western division of Somerset has taken four inquests within 
this month, viz. On Robert Yeandall of Wellington , found dead - 
verdict, visitation of God. Hannah Westlake, of Fitzhead, who 
drowned herself in a fit of lunacy; Thomas Cooksley, of Wiveliscombe, 
supposed to have received a violent blow from his son, but Mr L. 
an eminent surgeon, who attended him, declared his death to 
be occasioned by an inflammation in the bladder - verdict, 
natural death. - And William Westlake, of West Monkton, who 
was found suffocated in a small pond. - verdict Accidental Death.