Inquests from the Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury

Thursday se'nnight about 6 o'clock Mr Dorrington cutler in High St Bristol having some goods to send by the Cardiff boat went to the slip on the back, to enquire the time she sailed; but from the darkness of the night, he missed his step, fell into the water and was drowned.

Sunday se'nnight, the body of a newborn infant was found in a field adjoining the town of Frome having it's throat cut in a most inhuman manner. Diligent search has been made after the perpetrator of so horrid a deed, but hitherto without effect.

Sunday se'nnight Mr Smithett, cellarman at the Bear Inn in Bath, was killed by falling from the unguarded extremity of the pavement in Johnson St, near Spring Gardens, and fracturing his skull. He had been to see two young women home with whom he had spent the evening and it is supposed, in returning, his hat blew off and following it, that he stepped beyond the pavement and fell precipitously on the stones below, a depth of more than twenty feet.

Sunday se'nnight as - Norman, was returning home from Charlton Horethorn to Corton Denham in Somersetshire, the night being very dark, in attempting to jump over a hedge he met with a fall, by which his neck was broke and he expired immediately.
The 11th instant died at Crocombe Somerset after a few weeks illness, Elizabeth Moore and a few minutes afterwards the husband, John Moore and both were interred the Sunday following in one grave.

Sunday se'nnight Mr Charles Stewart, harness maker of Bath, on his return home from Frome was thrown from his horse on Midford Hill and so dreadfully bruised that notwithstanding the best surgical advice, he died the next morning.    

Friday se'nnight as Mr William Bull of  Montacute was assisting to take down the gateway at Clifton House near this town, he was so shockingly crushed by the weight of a large stone that fell upon him, that he died a few hours after.

Monday, as Mr Holloway, grocer of Yeovil was endeavouring to overtake the stage coach between that town and Sherborne he unfortunately burst a blood vessel and fell down on the road and died almost directly.

The first instant was found dead in his bed Mr Faithful Ash of Langport Somerset shopkeeper. He was apparently in good health the preceding evening.

Saturday se'nnight died of a consumption at his lodgings in Exmouth, Mr John Aldcock, lately from Bath, supposed to be of London. He expired in his chair a few minutes after having his hair dressed.

By an unmechanical turning of an arch at Mells, the centre of which two labourers were employed to strike on Thursday se'nnight it fell on them and they were both crushed to death. Their names were Barry and Lacey. 
Thursday sennight, a man riding from Wells to Cheddar fell from his horse near Draycott, dislocated his neck and expired immediately.
Thursday se'nnight a boat in which were three men was overset just above the weir at Twerton, near Bath by which accident one of them, of the name of Shore was unfortunately drowned. 
Friday se'nnight, Mr James Hill sadler of Bath was thrown from his horse on his return from Twerton and received so violent concussion of the brain, that he died the next morning.
Saturday se'nnight as a lad of the name of Stock was endeavouring to take some birds nests from the rocks near Shipham in Somerset he fell to the bottom, and fractured his skull in so shocking a manner that he survived but a few hours.
Saturday se'nnight a melancholy accident happened at Dunster. As one John Hurford was driving a loaded cart from thence to Minehead, the shaft horse took fright, and Hurford in striving to stop, in happening to fall, the wheel went over him and bruised him so severely that he languished till Tuesday and then expired.

Saturday se'nnight an elderly woman of Shepton Mallett who was a passenger in Middletons London and Frome waggon hung herself at the tilt hoop; and her situation was not discovered by the driver till she was quite dead.

Wednesday se'nnight, a child about five years of age, daughter of Elizabeth Lovell of Kingswood, who carries garden stuff for sale through Bristol, in the absence of her mother, got near the fire, and her cloaths catching the flames, she was burnt so dreadfully that she died the same evening.
An inquest was taken lately at Babington in Somerset before Mr Scadding, coroner of Shepton Mallet on the body of James Biggs. It appeared that the deceased with Wrentmore had been drinking together in the cou…. ….day at Frome. Biggs left Wrentmore, who overturned .. Kayford and being in his cart rode over Biggs and killed him on the spot. As this accident happened through the carelessness of Wrentmore his horse and cart were forfeited to the Lord of the Manor; which we hope will be a caution to others from riding in their carts.
At Yarlington Somerset Samuel Sugg was killed …. from a horse; and Edward Greenland, a man of advanced years, riding side-ways on some cloths fell off and was killed on the spot.

An inquisition was taken at Camerton by Mr D Scadding coroner of Shepton Mallet on the body of James R… who, on going down Monday last, into one of those tremendously deep coal pits at that place, the rope breaking he was dashed to the bottom. He was left a widow and ten children.

The 24th ult. one Isaac Shepstone, a servant to Mr Derrick of Churchill Somerset was robbed on the road between Gloucester and Bristol by two men of about 8s 6d - the villains beat him so unmercifully that it is feared his skull is fractured, besides which they kicked him on the belly and sides with great violence. His life is despaired of.
Friday se'nnight Abraham Soper, a servant to Mr Elias Tremlett, returning towards his masters house in Hunsley, in the parish of Sandford and having charge of a cart and horses, laden with bags of lime, was so imprudent as to get thereon and sleep, and the near wheel of the cart, happening to get on a bank, it was overset and he was killed on the spot.
Saturday se'night Mr Tapscott, attorney at law at Ilminster was unfortunately drowned in the river near Ruiston in Somerset.
A few days since at Minehead, Mr Sydenham, a gentleman in life, truly respected. His death was occasioned by the breaking down of a gig or chair, in which he was riding.
Some days since one Richard Clarke, of Wearne nr Langport fell into the river there and was drowned.

Isaac Shepstone, servant to Mr Derrick of Churchill who was so cruelly beaten by two villains on the Gloucester Road near Horfield died on  Friday se'nnight in consequence of a fracture of the skull received from the above wretches.
The following inquisitions have lately been taken by Mr Scadding, gent of Shepton Mallet; on a man drowned in the parish of Huish Episcopi; on a young child drowned in a tan pit in the parish of Kingsbury Episcopi; on a man who died suddenly in a publick house in Shepton Mallet and on a woman found dead in an outhouse in the parish of Shapwick. 

Last week a poor old woman named Eliza Hole was found dead at Tinsheleton in Somerset. She had been missing for several days and when found, the right side of her face and her right breast had been eaten away by a favourite cat, which for many years had been her sole companion.

The 10th instant as William Reed was driving a load of clover down a steep place on Mapperton Farm the waggon accidentally overset and crushed him to death.
The day before as a boy at the same farm (Mr Leggs) was leading a horse, it flung at him, cut his face, and fractured his jaw bone so much as to endanger his life.
Sunday se'nnight one John Jeffery late of Thornford in this county, as he was walking in a street in Bristol, fell down and expired in a few minutes, in consequence of bursting a blood vessel.
John Harvey of Wiveliscombe age 63 years, went to bed in apparent good health and was found dead the next morning.
Wednesday died Chard in the County of Somerset of a mortification from a wound received by a fall from a single horse chair a few days before, Mrs Saunders, a lady whose sprightliness of spirit, gaiety of life and amiable disposition attracted the notice of all around.

On the morning of the first instant was found dead about three miles from Honiton, George Bult a resident in the neighbourhood of Taunton, he was returning with a cart loaded with fish from Beer to Taunton and it is supposed that he was riding in his cart asleep, the horse got too near the side of the turnpike road and the cart overturned on him, in which situation he was found quite dead.

Three coroners inquests were taken last week on - Richards, killed by the falling in of a quarry at Swainswick, on a woman found dead at South Petherton and a man killed at Axbridge by a waggon passing over him.

Sunday se'nnight, Matthew Ewins, a labourer at one of the glass houses in St Philips Bristol having some words with Mary Grove, a woman with whom he had long co-habited, and had children by, stabbed her with a knife under the left breast, of which wound she died in Bristol infirmary.   

Thursday se'nnight John James who worked at Mr Henderson's sugar house in Helliers Lane Bristol fell into a pan of boiling water and, no assistance being near by wonderful exertions he extricated himself but was scalded so dreadfully that he died next day in extreme torture in the infirmary.

Saturday se'nnight was found drowned at Street near Shepton Edward Hawkins of the parish of East Pennard.

Last week one of the drivers of Messrs Whitmash and Brown's stage waggons fell under the wheels and was killed, leaving a wife and a large family of children.

Monday, in an apoplectic fit (as she was assisting her husband who was in bed ill of the gout) dropped down and instantly expired, Mrs G Govett, wife of Mr John Govett, a respectable clothier of Wiveliscombe Somerset, in life she was much respected and her death is truly lamented.

Wednesday last week Mr William Hellard of Wigborough House Somerset fell down as he was walking in the fields, apparently in good health and expired soon after.
A few days since was committed to Wilton gaol for the wilful murder of her bastard child, Joan Tattle of Monkton near Taunton.

Monday, a little boy about three years of age being left by his mother locked up in an underground kitchen in a house in Walcot St Bath with an infant in the cradle while she went to get a pitcher of water going too near the fire the flame caught his clothes and before any person could get to his relief he was so terribly burnt that he expired about three the next morning, notwithstanding the best medical assistance. The infant in the cradle did not receive any injury.

Monday last one Henry Payne, innkeeper of West Lydford Somerset was found drowned near the Mills at Castle Cary.   

The 3d instant a poor man whose name was Waller was killed by the inclemency of the weather, near Kilmersdon, Somerset. He has left a wife and six children and his wife is now pregnant with the seventh.