Extracts from the Taunton Courier

27/01/1836	Mary Sharpe elderly lady Pitminster fell down stairs fractured skull.
		Sarah Phillips age 49 Taunton dropsy diseased liver.
Elizabeth Morris age 53 Red Lion Inn Yeovil husband collected tolls at Hutt Gate nr Yeovil drowned in pond while fetching water.

02/03/1836	William Bryant age 45 Joseph Comer age 20 Ship Inn Uphill accidentally drowned.

02/03/1836	Hannah Prideaux wife of tailor East St Taunton age 23 dress caught fire.

23/03/1836	body of female child found North Town Taunton overlying river by Thomas Ashley 
		Firepool lock keeper.

30/03/1836	'Billy Martin' found dead at lodging house Bridgwater beggar.
		R Williams age 57 Cannington millwright killed by tenor bell in bell loft.
		Sarah Palmer age 21 and William Palmer of Stoke Sub Hamdon murdered baby.

13/04/1836	Sophia Edney age 23 indicted for murder of husband John at Cross by poisoning.
		Charles Freeman late of Bath age 53 shot himself with pistol at Taunton.
		John Brooks killed by carriage at Taunton.

20/04/1836	Execution of Sophia Edney - she copied poisoning by Mary Burdock of Bristol which she read in paper.
	John Tucker age 22 servant to William Tucker of Stoke St Gregory hung himself in cow stall. Buried at night.

27/04/1836	William Brine age 50 Cossington died of apoplexy.

04/05/1836	Unknown man washed ashore at Blue Anchor inquest at Old Cleeve.
	John Coombes age 70 inquest Milverton died by visitation of God.

01/06/1836	Jane Johnson Nott age 17 daughter of Thomas Nott of Bere Regis carriage accident Clifton turnpike.

15/06/1836	Henry Peach age 4 Curry Rivel given oil of vitriol by mistake.
	John Adney killed in fight West Coker.
	James White of Creech St Michael age 41 mason found dead, subject to fits.