Extracts from the Taunton Courier

04/01/1837	Rev Edward Houlditch age 73 Sampford Arundel cut throat while shaving.

18/01/1837	Jan Bale of Taunton shot himself.

08/02/1837	Mr Hussey of Chillington	thrown from cart.
		Susan Stagg found dead in bed Taunton

22/02/1837	John Cummings age 73 Spaxton found dead in bed in poor house.
		Elizabeth Perry age 18 months Weston Zoyland fell in ditch and drowned.
		Frederic Deacon age 17 months Huntspill scalded with boiling water.
		William Rossiter age 56 Timberscombe drowned in pond.

01/03/1837	Jane Tout age 7 Hawkridge nr Dulverton daughter of carpenter clothes caught fire.
		Thomas Bushen stroke Hawkridge nr Dulverton.

15/03/1837	William Poole Rawlings age 24 Radlett Common Spaxton cart accident.
		Mr Marks of Wilton bricklayer child age 5 weeks died.
		Elizabeth Lewis age 74 apartment in the workhouse visitation of God.
		Hannah Maria Dunn her infant died soon after birth Haywood Cottage Ninehead.

22/03/1837	Charles Saunders of Broomfield age 7 clothes caught fire.
		Rosanna Stevens age 3  Chard burnt.
		George Blake age 5 Yeovilton burnt.

29/03/1837	John Beer age 62 Stringston death due to quarry accident.

05/04/1837	Robert Pinney age 70 Chardstock drunk fell in ditch drowned.

12/04/1837	John Whitehead took poison Fore St Bridgwater.

26/04/1837	Elizabeth Edmonds late South Petherton child died at East Coker workhouse.

03/05/1837	James Phillips (wife of) Dunster suffocation due to brimstone match.
		John Sparks age 39 Buckland St Mary visitation by God.
		John Bishop age 13 Crowcombe fell from horse.

10/05/1837	Joseph Gibbs age 2 Long Aller Bishops Hull drowned in canal.
		Thomas Grant age 40 Shuttern cart accident.
		Henry Farrance boat boy age 8 drowned in Taunton Bridgwater canal.

07/06/1837	Samuel Thorne died after fight Taunton St Mary Magdalene.

21/06/1837	William Gayland and Robert Middleton both age 40 accident at quarry pit Stoke Field nr Martock.
	John Parsons age 56 drunk and drowned in canal Thorne St Margaret.