26/08/1726 Taunton Journal
Gloucester, August 20. They write from North Bradley, 
near Trowbridge in Wiltshire, that there was
lately found there (hid in a coffer or large box) the 
body of the Widow Crabb, an ancient woman of that 
place, who had been bed ridden for several years. 
The reason for the body's being thus conceal'd and 
the manner of the discovery was a follows: The old 
woman holding a copyhold estate of about 30 per annum, 
during the widowhood of the lands of Sir Philip Parker, 
Bart, he wrote a letter to his steward, ordering him to 
enquire after her welfare; whereupon he went to her house 
to pay her a visit and desiring to speak with her, was told 
she was in bed, and was not willing to be seen. The 
Gentleman reply'd, it was his master's express order that 
he should see her, and therefore would admit of no 
denial: Accordingly he went upstairs and searched all the 
beds, but could not find her, whereupon he desir'd her 
sister to shew him where she lay; who bidding him look 
into the cutler at the stairs head, he there found a strange 
prospect of the old woman, who lay double with her flesh 
all wasted away; and she is supposed to have been dead a 
considerable time. But upon the coroners inquest, her two 
kinsmen deposed, that she died in April last and being 
ask'd, why did they not bury her, they said, they lov'd her 
too well. Nevertheless, 'tis generally believ'd that the 
share's going from the family after her decease, was the 
true reason of their concealing the body, in order to keep 
their possession.